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Brodkowitz Law, founded by attorney Alisa Brodkowitz, is a Seattle law firm specializing in plane crash injuries, injuries on flights and wrongful death

Helicopter Crash Litigation

Helicopter crashes can be devastating not only to occupants but also to people on the ground. Recent years have demonstrated a rise in the number of crashes of helicopters ferrying medical passengers or taking tourists on sightseeing tours. People are also injured by helicopters during boarding or deplaning, when they are struck by a rotor. 

There are many different reasons why a helicopter may crash. Improper maintenance, pilot error, wire strikes, engine failure or power loss, mid air collision, or fuel starvation can be catastrophic to a helicopter. Some helicopter crashes should be survivable but are not because a manufacuter has failed to use appropriate restraints or other measures to protect occupants.

Just like an airplane crash, a helicopter crash destroys evidence. Our firm has experience gathering information quickly after a helicopter crash in order to create an accurate picture describing what caused the crash or the passengers' injuries.

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Medevac Helicopter
Medevac Helicopter