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Brodkowitz Law, founded by attorney Alisa Brodkowitz, is a Seattle law firm specializing in plane crash injuries, injuries on flights and wrongful death

Ramp Injuries

Every year passengers, ground crew and cabin crew are seriously injured at airports. These injuries occur on the ramp. Some of the injuries and fatalities on the ramp that we see are caused by propeller strikes, tugs, or other surface vehicles. Sometimes the injuries are caused by defective equipment or negligence. Often ramp safety emphasizes the safety and integrity of the aircraft, without regard to the safety of the marshallers, wing walkers, baggage handlers, tug operators and truck drivers.

An injured ramp worker (or their family in the event of a fatality) may simply file a worker's compensation claim without realizing that they may also have the right to sue a negligent third party or manufacturer of defective equipment for damages. Our firm will investigate the injury or fatality on the ramp and determine whether a third party is at fault.  We have experience pursuing and obtaining recovery for injuries sustained on the airport ramp.

"At 14 in 100, the rate of injuries to ramp workers is far higher than for many other industries. According to the International Air Transport Association, human error is the primary cause of ramp accidents. 92% of incidents can be traced to failure to follow procedures, lack of adequate training, and airfield congestion."
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