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Brodkowitz Law, founded by attorney Alisa Brodkowitz, is a Seattle law firm specializing in plane crash injuries, injuries on flights and wrongful death

Examples of Past Settlements

Type of Case Defendant Settlement/Verdict
Plane Crash Due To Engine Failure Engine Manufacturer Confidential
Airplane Crash, Multiple Passengers Airline Confidential
Wrongful Death, Glider Crash Glider Manufacturer Confidential
Wrongful Death In Motor Vehicle Crash Driver $1.1 million
Turbulence Injury in International Flight Delta Air Lines, Inc. Confidential
Loss of Pressurization In Cabin During Flight Airline and Part Manufacturer Confidential
Crash Landing, Injured During Emergency Evacuation Shuttle America Confidential
Turbulence Injuries Air Traffic Control, FAA $575,000
Back Injury During Fall Using Air Stairs Alaska Airlines, Inc. Confidential
Burn on International Flight Northwest Airlines, Inc. Confidential
Arm Injured From Falling Luggage During Flight United Airlines Confidential
Disabled Passenger Injured During Boarding Air Canada Confidential
Hearing Loss Alaska Airlines, Inc. Confidential
Knee Injury, Hit By Beverage Cart Alaska Airlines, Inc. Confidential
Ramp Agent Injured By Baggage Cart Menzies Aviation Confidential
Seat Collapse Injures Commercial Airline Passenger Continental Airlines, Inc. Confidential
Head Injury, Baggage Falling From Open Bin Emirates Confidential
Injury on Metro Bus American Medical Response $400,000

These cases are offered as examples of actual cases in which this firm has acted as counsel but do not represent the validity and/or value of any other claim for injury.

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