Brodkowitz Law, founded by attorney Alisa Brodkowitz, is a Seattle law firm specializing in plane crash injuries, injuries on flights and wrongful death
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Brodkowitz Law, founded by Attorney Alisa Brodkowitz, is a law firm dedicated to providing powerful representation for individuals and their families after an injury or loss. We are committed to ensuring accountability, finding the negligent party and holding it responsible. We stand with our clients, seeking the restitution they are entitled to and working to achieve justice.

Brodkowitz Law's aviation practice has been nationally recognized. Our work representing plane crash victims, commercial airline passengers, pilots, flight attendants and helicopter crash victims has resulted in obtaining millions of dollars in compensation for injured clients. 

"Aviation Attorney Alisa Brodkowitz Interviewed About KOMO Helicopter Crash. "


Brodkowitz Law serves clients nationally and internationally. We have the aviation law experience and resources to help you win your case.  Call toll free 1-888-359-5298 or live chat with us for a free no obligation review of your case. You may also fill out an online consultation form.



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